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2016年主治医师考试答案 怎么改善你的英语口语?_网易教育 »

公共英语考试包过 雅思口语之“室内游戏”

  说到室内游戏,大家想到的确定是各种桌游(board games),比如杀人游戏啦,谁是卧底啦,大富翁啦等等。不过大家不要忘了咱们中国的国粹啊!那就是麻将啊!这么风行的游戏,大家必定得会简略介绍啊,当前出了国,得跟国外的小友人们拽一拽!

  不外麻将中有若干个专业术语大家要先懂得一下,好比麻将里的“一张牌”叫做tile,“抓牌”叫draw,“出牌”叫discard,“跟了”就是have a legal winning hand/complete a legal hand。更多的术语,比方“碰”“吃”都怎么讲,大家能够在维基百科上找到答案哦!下面就给大家一个参考素材,里面并不须要具体的先容该游戏的弄法,究竟我们是去测验的嘛,挑本人会说的说就OK了!

  I’d like to talk about Mahjong which is a widely played indoor game that originated in China, and it’s famous among basically every age group. It’s fascinating because it’s a game of skill, strategy, and calculation, and involves a degree of chance. And the rules might vary significantly in different areas, but I’m only familiar with the local rules in my hometown, so that’s what I’m gonna talk to you about.

  When I was little, I played Mahjong pretty much and I did really well. Before I went to primary school, my sister and I lived with our grandparents, And my grandpa’s crazy about playing the game. He even taught me how to play it, and I just found it truly appealing. But now I’m kind of tied up with my studies, so I haven’t played the game for ages. Anyway, this is how we play it: four players sit around a square table, and we need a set of 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. The four players get 13 tiles each at first, and then draw and discard tiles till anyone of them who forms 4 groups and a pair with 14 tiles. We call that a legal hand. The player who first completes the legal hand becomes the winner. It sounds simple, but can be very hard when you play. On top of that, it’s just a simple description of the game, and actually it involves quite a few terms that are so complicated to explain,同等学力申硕考试答案. Of course, just like what I mentioned earlier, the game sometimes seems to be a test of your luck, even if you are very skillful.

  I was so into game when I was little. It was our favorite pastime. My sister, my grandparents and I always played together on weekends. Now I think of this, I really miss the good old times, you know, the carefree childhood and all.

  盼望咱们的国粹能给大家的书面语加点儿分数哦!当然,会计从业考试答案,对大多数的孩子来说,可能在童年时期玩儿的更多的室内游戏是video games或者是play house(过家家),或者是各种棋盘游戏,假如大家对其中的一项情有独钟并且完整不缺少语料,那么就请豪情磅礴的跟考官大人们泛论一下你的美妙童年吧!











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